Q:  How does the eScrip program work?
  1. Supporters register their existing grocery loyalty, debit, ATM, and/or credit cards online at www.escrip.com, or by printing out and completing a form on this web site.  (Please click here to go to the form.)
  2. Supporters  use their registered cards (e.g. Safeway Club Card and or credit/debit card when paying for merchandise at participating merchants.  (Please click here for participating merchant locations, and cards accepted by each merchant.)
  3. The participating merchant contributes a percentage of the sale to your group.
Q:  Will I receive any spam or unsolicited phone calls by including my email information?
A:  No.  All emails are generated by your Artondale PTA eScrip Coordinator and all personal information is private.  eScrip does not share your contact information with its merchants.  You will not receive any emails from eScrip or its affliates unless you ask to be on their mailing list.
Q:  Do I have to pay a membership fee of other "hidden costs"?
A:  No.  Unlike the Scrip program which requires you to pre-purchase a card, eScrip charges no fees to supporters.  eScrip deducts a small administration fee from each deposit the Artondale PTA receives.  You do not pay any extra money.
Q:  Can I sign up extended family and friends who live out of the state or area?
A:  Yes.  The growing list of merchants includes participants from across the United States.  Just direct your extended family/friends to sign up online at www.escrip.com or send them a registration form.  Current merchant lists and program information is available via the eScrip web site.
Q:  What cards does the eScrip program accept for registration?
A:  Grocery loyalty cards (like Safeway), debit, ATM, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Cards, and Diner's Club.