Volunteer Info

Why should YOU volunteer?

Artondale Families. Did you know that when you are involved, your children do better in school, in both their behavior and their academic performance? So this year, why not step out of your comfort zone and take on a new challenge? Volunteer for a PTA event! We'd love to have you help, even if it's just as little as giving of an hour of your time at one of our events. You don't have to be experienced. You don't have to know anything about the event. We train you, we equip you, and we promise you will not regret your experience! Download the PTA volunteer form and fill it out today. Here's to a great year at Artondale, thanks to some fabulous volunteers!

Click here for the Volunteer form

Prior to Volunteering at School:

All persons volunteering at Artondale must be fingerprinted and submit to a no-cost security background check by the Washington State Patrol.  After an approved background check you are eligible to work directly with the children at Artondale. Background checks must be renewed every 2 years.  Please see the front desk staff to obtain your background check.

Signing In and Signing Out:

Parents, volunteers and guests should always sign in and out at the front desk when volunteering at the school. Please take a volunteer badge and wear it at all times while in the building. Please make sure to return it to the front desk upon signing out so others may use the badges.

Volunteering in the School:

Most teachers encourage parent volunteers in their classrooms.  Many teachers offer a sign up sheet at open house with a variety of things they are seeking volunteer help with.  In addition, you may ask your child's teacher personally how you can be helpful to him/her both at school and with projects that you can help with at home.  Volunteers are also needed in the library, office and with specialist teachers.

Room Parents:

A classroom parent is greatly appreciated by staff as well as PTA to help coordinated classroom participation in school events as well as to help with the organization of class parties, projects and field trips, as well as PTA communications to the parents.  If you would like to be a classroom parent or would like more information, please talk to your child's teacher.

Volunteer Code of Conduct:

Confidentiality is very important.  Any information you learn about students or staff is to be kept confidential. Volunteers may access the staff room to use the refrigerator, etc.  Please do not access the staff room or the teachers during their break or lunch times.  By contract, teachers have duty-free lunches.  If you have a younger child, check with your classroom teacher before bringing them along when you volunteer.  For their safety, no children are permitted in the work room.  If you are volunteering on a field trip, please defer to the school staff members as the primary decision makers for the students.

Work Room Information:

Many who volunteer at Artondale will at some point access the work room. Please contact the office for any help you need.  If you are making copies, please yield the copy machine to teachers, whose time is limited.  Please do not attempt to clear paper jams yourself, ask the office for help.  All laminating requests are to be left with the office staff and they will run the laminator for you.  Please keep all scissors, paper cutters, staplers, die cuts, etc. in the work room.  Please clean up your own mess.  Lastly, for their safety, no children are allowed in the work room. 

What Restrooms the Volunteers Use:

Volunteers may use any adult restroom.  In the primary hall, the nearest adult restroom is near the top of the stairs.  In the intermediate grade hallway, the nearest restroom is near the kitchen.  There is also an adult restroom located in the office.