Sprit wear

Artondale T-shirts and Sweatshirts

All Artondale gear is now sold through our online store at


Every Tuesday is our wear blue SPIRITWEAR day. This year we will be having 4 dates that we will be ordering, so be sure you get your order in on one of those days so you don't miss out! We also added some new sweatshirt designs, so be sure to ask someone on our PTA board or check out the order form, or website.

The PTA wants to remind you to wear your SPIRITWEAR on Tuesdays and on Splash Assembly days.

The next SPIRITWEAR order date is Friday, September 14th.

THANK YOU to everyone who has placed SPIRITWEAR orders! They will be delivered to your child's classroom, in their backpacks. Or if it is a large order, in a larger bag.

Please contact Danelle at danellefran@msn.com for questions!

*Artondale PTA will receive 20% of every purchase made on the apparel site.
**See order form at bottom of newsletter or download here.