Stand Up For Schools

Kick Off Rally for the Stand Up For Schools campaign is being held Saturday, May 10th, 9-10:30 am at Galaxy Theaters.    The Rally will be a fun event for supporters to come together and get "Rallied Up" for our upcoming school campaign (vote is August 5th).  There will be bands, cheerleaders, motivational clips and speakers, Shaun the Sheep movie for the kids (to watch in theater room next to the Rally room) and much, much more.   


We are looking for campaign supporters to attend the Rally to become better educated on the facts and Stand Up to take action!  Every supporter will walk out of the Galaxy with a specific task(s) to help support the campaign - it could be as easy as putting a campaign sign in their car or waving a sign.  There are different tasks for every volunteer level.


We are asking parent school leaders, such as yourself, to help us find at least 10 active supporters from your school that can attend the Rally and Stand Up to help the campaign.  In addition, if your PTA/VPO/Etc has a facebook page, can you please like/share the following on Facebook -  This site has complete information about the campaign, FAQs and updates.   


If you have any questions about the Rally, please contact